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At Limitless, we’re big believers in the romance of railway holidays.

There’s something special about heading to the station, boarding the train and slowly pulling out of the station, and we love the fact that the journey is just as much a part of the holiday as the time spent in your final destination. 

Maybe it’s nostalgia for a different era of travel, maybe it’s the rhythm of the rails, maybe it's the landscapes slipping by beyond the window - but we would choose rail any day of the week. Which is why we’re hoping to bring you more and more Limitless Rail Holidays in the future. 

Ideal for those who don’t mind taking their time, the environmentally-conscious traveller and holidaymakers looking for something a little bit different, our collection of rail holidays is sure to contain something for everyone. So all aboard the Limitless Express, it’s time to find your next unforgettable accessible travel destination!

Montpellier South of France

Montpellier South of France

Sweeping Mediterranean beaches, a historic medieval city centre, mouthwatering French cuisine and the best wine anywhere in the world - it can only be our disabled friendly Montpellier and Southern France tour!

£2,349 £2,499

7 days

Save up to £150

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