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Limitless care

We’re the only UK travel company that take carers on every holiday.

Care is at the heart of Limitless. Each with over 10 years experience, Limitless carers are there to help as much or as little as you like. It could be a hand with your bags to the hotel room, assistance in the swimming pool, or one-to-one personal care. 

Our carers want to give you the confidence to explore new places, to try new experiences, and most importantly, to ensure you have the most relaxing holiday ever. Let us take care of everything, especially you.

Three support levels of care designed for you

In the lead up to your Limitless holiday, our booking team will spend time getting to know you, and arrange a bespoke level of care that ensures your holiday is exactly that - a holiday.

Everybody is different, which is why we offer three levels of support that work for you. This starts at the group support level, which is included as standard on every Limitless holiday, to personal and one-to-one support.

1. Group support

1. Group support

Group Support is included with all Limitless Travel holidays, and is what sets us apart from every other UK holiday provider.

This level of support is suitable for those that do not require one-to-one support, and more of a helping hand to enjoy the holiday experience.

What does Group Support include?

Group Support begins with pre-holiday assistance from our Limitless team, who will answer any questions you have and help with hiring mobility equipment you may require.

On your holiday, Group Support will assist with the day-to-day , such as helping your bags to the room or making specialist reservations.

For more details on Group Support, speak with a member of the Limitless team.

2. Personal care

2. Personal care

In addition to the care provided in our Group Support package, the Personal Care option includes on-hand care assistance from highly experienced, friendly carers. 

This package is ideal for those who receive care several times a day while at home.

What does the Personal Care package include?

Detailed care planning by the Limitless Travel team before your holiday.

On-hand personal care provided by qualified carers with over 10 years experience and a love for travel.

Assistance with hoisting, showering and bathing, getting dressed and toileting

To learn more about our Personal Care support, speak with a member of the Limitless team.

3. One-to-one care

3. One-to-one care

The One-to-one Care package is our most comprehensive care plan, and is entirely tailored to meet your personal care needs.

Our goal is to ensure you can travel anywhere with complete confidence, and with one-to-one care, you can be certain of this.

What does the One-to-One care package include?

One-to-one care begins with a personal consultation, in which our specialist team will create a bespoke care plan for the duration of your holiday.

This package combines the support received in both our group and personal care, whilst adding an additional level of care tailored to your own needs.

To learn more about Limitless one-to-one care, book in a consultation with one of our team.

"Aptly named Limitless Travel"

I chose the personal 1:1 care package to look after my husband, the care team was great - very friendly and professional.
Brilliant holiday to Tenerife. 2 lovely members of the care team Craig and Sane were on hand if needed, very friendly and approachable, whilst remaining very professional at all times.
Disabled and recently widowed I was unsure about making any travel plans but the Limitless team were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble.

Meet our carers

Experienced, meticulous, friendly, and a passion for travel. Meet Jamie, one of our Limitless care team. We work with carers like Jamie who are dedicated to creating an unforgettable holiday experience for every Limitless customer. Their expertise and passion is at the very heart of what we do, and will help you travel with confidence.

Jamie, what is it you enjoy about being a Limitless Carer?

Jamie, what is it you enjoy about being a Limitless Carer?

It has to be meeting all the wonderful characters that join us on Limitless holidays. I love hearing their stories and, most importantly, helping to take away the stresses of daily life.

How has Limitless changed your perspective on travel?

How has Limitless changed your perspective on travel?

Limitless has made me realize that travel needs to be accessible for everyone. Nobody should be limited to going out and experiencing the world. Everyone should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and there's really nothing better than a holiday in the sunshine!

What has been your favourite experience working for Limitless?

What has been your favourite experience working for Limitless?

For me, it was helping a customer on one of our Tenerife tours swim for the first time since becoming disabled. It was a life-changing moment.

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