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About us

We are making this wonderful world accessible to everyone

Limitless Travel was born in 2014, when Founder, Angus Drummond, was told that one day his illness would prevent him from walking. Angus decided that he wanted to shape a world in which anyone of any ability and any age can travel without limits. 

Since then, Limitless Travel has created thousands of holiday experiences for customers wanting to travel with confidence. From gently-paced coach tours in Devon, paragliding in Tenerife, safaris in Kenya, to swimming with dolphins in Curacao.

Meet Angus, Founder of Limitless Travel

“I didn’t want to let muscular dystrophy change my sense of adventure.”

There are some conversations you don’t forget.

I was 23, working as a banker in London, feeling young and invincible, as you do at that age. But a routine check-in I had with my doctor changed all that in a morning. I was diagnosed with MD and told that one day I would need a wheelchair. The news was devastating, but it gifted me a new perspective that my banking salary couldn’t afford.

I quit my job, bought the largest backpack I could find, and set off to discover a world that might one day be cut off from me. My wife and I travelled across 35 countries. It was beautiful and actualizing. But as we climbed Machu Picchu and canoed through Vietnam, I noticed my mobility worsening. I needed a walking stick, and some routes just plain hurt. It gradually dawned on me that the world was not set up for disabled travel and things would only get harder.

When I returned to the UK, I sat down with a notepad and wrote down my plans for an accessible world. Those ideas became the Limitless vision, enabling the wider disabled community to travel with confidence. We started with a coach tour to Blackpool, and now 8 years later we are taking Limitless travellers to all corners of the world. The only question is, where do you want to go?

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