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The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, and from 1st July we will be reopening our booking lines, with our team ready and waiting to help you plan your next Limitless holiday adventure! 


At Limitless Travel, we know how important holidays are as a source of relaxation, adventure and replenishment. We are a small team, dedicated to sharing the restorative benefits of travel and allowing all of our travellers the opportunity to explore new places safe in the knowledge that they will be well looked after. In light of this, the past few months have come as a disappointment not only to you, our travellers and would-be travellers, but also to every member of our team behind the scenes. 

Rest assured, we know this is still a concerning time for many of you, so we want to take away the worry as much as we can whilst giving you the chance to plan for your next adventure. Now more than ever, we appreciate the importance of staying connected, and we are keen to keep our Limitless community informed and up-to-date during these uncertain times. Whether you already have a holiday booked with us, or if you are considering travelling in the future, we appreciate that you may have concerns about these plans in light of the current circumstances, but we want to give you the reassurance you need to feel excited about travelling again when we are all able to do so.


We can’t wait to be running our tours again, and we want to make sure that you feel safe in the knowledge that your wellbeing and safety is of the utmost importance when our trips recommence in the coming months. With this in mind, we are launching the Limitless Travel Promise, to ensure that you can feel confident to travel, or that you can be flexible with your future plans should you wish to delay your holiday.

Our Limitless Promise

Ensuring your Safety

We continue to diligently review the government's travel advice, alongside having regular discussions with our suppliers, to ensure your safety on our tours in 2020 and beyond.


Should you still wish to travel this year, we are working hard to provide an excellent holiday for you and will be advising you of the safety measures we will be implementing on a per-tour basis over the coming months as the advice develops. 

Just some of these measures include:

  • Monitoring the capacity of our tours so that distancing measures can be adhered to on all coaches, and running extra coaches where required on busier tours.
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting all coaches prior to and during tours using deep-cleaning techniques including using disinfectant fogging.
  • Ensuring that our care teams and tour managers wear appropriate PPE at all times, and that there are ample PPE and disinfectant supplies available in resort should these be required when your tour departs.

Staying Connected

We understand that these are uncertain times, and if you have an upcoming booking with us it is important that you have as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision on your travel plans.


So, if you have a booking with us for 2020, a member of our team will initially be in touch 2 months prior to your scheduled departure date to discuss your options. 


Should you still wish to travel this year, we will then contact you at least one month prior to departure to confirm any changes to your plans in light of the most recent government advice.

Booking with Confidence

If you have an existing booking with us, we will initially get in touch two months prior to your holiday to confirm your options.


We are currently offering the option to delay your balance payment until two months prior to your holiday if you have been affected by the current situation. 


Alternatively, if you would prefer to delay your booking, our advisors will be able to offer a suitable transfer option for 2021, or you can store your payments as transferrable credits for use on any tour with us until 2022.


All remaining balances for tours from 31st July 2020 onwards will be eligible for a refund should the government’s advice change and the tour no longer go ahead.We will be in touch at least one month prior to your original departure date to confirm this should the advice change.

What If I've Got A Holiday Booked With Limitless Travel?

At Limitless we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our customers and care team, particularly in these unprecedented times. We appreciate these are difficult and uncertain circumstances for many of our travellers, so we want to keep you up to date with the situation as it develops and ensure you can still look forward to a fantastic holiday with us at a time which is best for you.


With this in mind, we have now extended the postponement of our holidays up to and including 17th August whilst the current situation continues, and we continue to keep in touch with customers with bookings after this date on a tour-by-tour basis. 


Following the government’s advice, our office remains closed and Limitless Travel staff are working from home. We cannot currently accept incoming calls, however we are available via email ( and can make outbound calls where required.


If you have a booking with us for 2020, our team are working hard to make sure we contact all affected customers in order of their departure date. With this in mind, please find the options available to you below:


If you have a booking for a holiday departing before 26th September:


At this stage, we have contacted all customers due to depart by 26th September either via email or phone. If you have a booking for a holiday prior to 26th September and have not been contacted or confirmed your options, please email and we will investigate this further. 


If you have a booking for a holiday departing after 26th September:

A majority of our tours from late August onwards are currently still scheduled to depart as per the current guidance from the government and our advisors in the travel industry. We are closely monitoring the advice provided to ensure that our tours comply with safety standards as they will be updated over the coming months. However, we understand that some of our customers may want to change their plans in light of the situation. With this in mind, we are offering the below options to all customers with bookings in 2020 for your peace of mind: 

1. If you still wish to travel on your 2020 tour – Your balance will now be due 60 days prior to departure. All remaining balances paid for tours departing 31st July onwards will be applicable for a refund should the government’s advice change and the tour no longer go ahead (please see full T&Cs below). Following the payment of your balance, we will contact you at least one month prior to departure to confirm if there are any changes.

2.If you want to delay your holiday – All deposits paid to Limitless Travel are non-refundable if a tour is still going ahead.  However, we understand that these are difficult circumstances, so we are offering a free transfer of your deposit to any suitable 2021 tour, or for your deposit to be saved as transferrable credit towards any future holiday until 2022. To discuss these options, please contact or leave a phone message on 0800 069 8060 and our advisors will be in touch as soon as possible. 

3. If you have paid your balance in full – If you still wish to travel on your 2020 tour, there are no actions to be taken and you will be contacted at least one month prior to departure with any updates to your travel plans. Should you wish to delay your holiday, your balance will be transferred to your new tour as noted above. As our tours are still scheduled to depart, if you choose to cancel your place on your original tour rather than accept a transfer, this will be subject to our standard terms and conditions outlined in our FAQ’s section below.

More Frequently Asked Questions:

I am due to travel after 26th September 2020, can I move my holiday to a later date or 2021?

Yes, you can transfer your existing booking free of charge to any suitable holiday departing in 2020 or 2021. Please leave us a message on 0800 069 8060 or email and our team will be happy to assist in confirming our availability.

What happens if I pay the balance for my holiday and the government's advice changes?

If you pay a remaining balance it will be held in a secure account. If the government's advice changes more than 30 days prior to departure and the trip can no longer go ahead, you will be able to move the balance to another trip, take a travel credit towards another holiday until 2022, or be refunded your balance payment in full within 14 days. We are required to pay our suppliers for upcoming tours at the 30 day point, so if the government's advice changes after this point, you will either be able to move the balance to another trip or take a travel credit*.


* Please Note - We cannot always guarantee cash refunds within 14 days at this point (less than 30 days prior to departure) as suppliers will have been paid. However, if you request a refund we will work as hard as possible to arrange this for you. In the meantime you will be issued with a refund credit note until a cash refund is available, and our team will be happy to discuss this process further at this stage.

I do not wish to travel on my current tour and do not want to accept a tour transfer or credit, what should I do?

If you wish to cancel your place on your tour with us rather than transfer to a 2021 date or accept transferrable credit, cancellations will be subject to our standard terms and conditions regarding your balance and non-refundable deposit, as below:


Cancellation Made: 


Amount to be Refunded:


More than 90 days prior to departure


No refund - Loss of non-refundable deposit only


90 - 60 days prior (following payment of the remaining balance)



25% of the balance paid (excluding non-refundable deposit)


60 – 0 days prior


0% of the total holiday cost



Please be advised that refunds are taking longer than usual to be processed due to the current circumstances, so we appreciate your understanding and patience in these difficult times.

Prior To Your Tour

If you are presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your tour, or if you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of travel, in line with government advice you must remain at home and should not travel. Please advise us on 0800 711 7232 or email if this is the case. Evidence will be required to prove that you are self-isolating due to COVID-19. You are entitled to transfer any payments made towards your holiday free of charge as travel credits onto an alternative date (please be aware any increase in the holiday price will be applicable). If you choose to cancel your holiday your cancellation will be subject to our standard booking terms and conditions, and travel credits cannot be redeemed as a cash refund.

During your tour

If you present any COVID-19 symptoms during your tour, including a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, please advise your care team and tour manager at the earliest opportunity. You will be required to return to the hotel as soon as possible and isolate until it is possible to organise your transport home.

A Message From Our Founder

Dear Limitless Travellers,

I wanted to contact you at this time of uncertainty to say that I’m hoping you are ok and not too affected by COVID-19. These are particularly unsettling times for you, me, and many of the Limitless team who also have underlying health conditions. As any of us with a disability or underlying health conditions know, adversity is no new thing. From the moment we were born, or acquired our disability, we have faced challenges in our day to day life that others simply cannot understand. We are all fighters; we have overcome challenges before and we will always fight to overcome any new challenge that life throws at us.

#LimitlessLove During Lockdown

I founded Limitless with the one goal: to look after people with a disability by enabling anybody to go on holiday. Nothing about this has changed or will ever change. We are building a company that is here for you and our sole purpose is to look after you. Over the first few months of the lockdown we launched #LimitlessLove. This was way of keeping in touch with all of our amazing Limitless Travelers and the wider disabled community. We shared so many laughs and good times together with activities such as online karaoke, chair yoga, tutorials and so much more. Thank you for everyone who got involved and I hope we eased some of the social isolation that has been thrust upon us all.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and support during this time – everything we do, we do for you, and together We Are All Limitless.


Limitless Love, Angus

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