A Message From Our Founder

Dear Limitless Travellers,

I wanted to contact you at this time of uncertainty to say that I’m hoping you are ok and not too affected by COVID-19. These are particularly unsettling times for you, me, and many of the Limitless team who also have underlying health conditions. As any of us with a disability or underlying health conditions know, adversity is no new thing. From the moment we were born, or acquired our disability, we have faced challenges in our day to day life that others simply cannot understand. We are all fighters; we have overcome challenges before and we will always fight to overcome any new challenge that life throws at us.

We're Here For You

That is why I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are here for you throughout this. We are in process of calling all customers to check that they are ok, and we are offering free trip rescheduling to anyone who is worried about their ability to travel over the coming months. Additionally, we are organising a programme of activities and support to ensure anyone facing isolation over the next 12 weeks isn’t alone!


I know that many of you are planning to book with us and may be worried about your travel plans. Please do not worry – we are here to help you. If you book a holiday with Limitless Travel over the next 12 weeks, you will be able to change or delay your trip at any point, without any additional costs. Holidays are a time to get away, relax and forget about the worries of everyday life. We want to give you something to look forward to. If you book and are worried about your trip, we will do our best to help you focus on having a fantastic holiday.


We have built an amazing community of Limitless Travellers over the past 4 years, and during this time you have all been amazing, providing us with messages of support and reassurance. We are a small business with a big heart, and our team are working tirelessly to keep our dream and vision alive – to make travel accessible to all.

Introducing #LimitlessLove

I founded Limitless with the one goal: to look after people with a disability by enabling anybody to go on holiday. Nothing about this has changed or will ever change. We are building a company that is here for you and our sole purpose is to look after you. If anyone is isolated, or going to be isolated, and would like a chat, please just give us a call. We are always here for a friendly chit chat and the last thing we want is for any of you to feel cut off at this time.


Over the coming weeks we are going to launch a number of different activities you can join over the phone or online to help overcome any loneliness or isolation you may face. We want to create an amazing support network of Limitless Travellers, both current and future. This includes telephone bingo, quizzes, poetry reading, stories and singing. Also, online yoga, exercise and mental wellness classes. Even just a simple group chit chat that you can join so we can all have someone to speak to.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and support during this time – everything we do, we do for you, and together We Are All Limitless.


Limitless Love, Angus

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