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Planning a holiday should be a fun, exciting thing to do. Sadly, travelling with a disability can sometimes mean that this is not the reality. There is so much more to think about when planning disabled holidays, and it can feel like a daunting task. Limitless Travel have been planning disabled friendly holidays for several years, and have put together this handy question and answer guide to help you plan yours too.

Where can I go on my disabled holidays?

Destination can be a tricky part of planning an accessible holiday. It can be difficult to know what the roads and pathways be like, whether there will be drop kerbs, and even if the attitude of local people is disabled friendly. It is advisable to start small and work your way up to your dream destination if you are nervous. If you are thinking of flying, try short haul first and take a carer with you, so you can get used to the airport procedure with the comfort of holiday care. In general, most areas in the UK and Ireland are extremely disabled friendly, as are the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Sicily, and Crete. For more advice, call on of our specialist travel advisors on 0800 069 8060.

What about my needs and requirements?

This is the most important part of planning for your disabled holidays. Before each holiday, you should think about what you need from your holiday, and what specific requirements you will need to let the staff on the ground know about. It is often helpful to write this down in a list, and add to it as you think of anything new. Try these questions to start you off:

 Once you have identified what your needs and requirements are, you can communicate them easily to a member of Limitless Travel staff, who will then ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met to the highest standards.

Do you provide holiday care?

If you receive care at home, it is important to plan you holiday care too. Limitless Travel have a range of care packages available to suit different care needs, including personal hygiene, lifting and handling, and general assistance. All Limitless Travel carers are DBS checked, fully qualified, and experience in providing a fantastic standard of care. There is more information about our holiday care packages on our website, as well as in our brochure.

Can you provide mobility equipment?

To plan your holiday mobility equipment, begin by making a list of everything you use at home. Then, decide what you absolutely cannot do without, and then pre-book these items with a Limitless Travel advisor at the time of making a booking on one of our disabled holidays. They will make sure that your mobility equipment is ready and waiting for you in your hotel bedroom or bathroom at the time of your arrival, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! 

What should I pack?

When you begin to pack your suitcase, ensure that you have plenty of the things you will need while you are on holiday. For example, you might need to take hoist slings, incontinence pads, plasters, bandages, and enough medication for the durations of you holiday. Preparing all of things in advance will mean that you’ll be prepared when the time comes to zip up your case and begin your journey. If you are going overseas, don’t forget your passport, European plug adaptors, currency change, and sun cream. Remember that you may also want to bring along some spending money, a camera for taking some photographs, and perhaps a book or two!

Enjoying the Journey

Once you have planned until you cannot plan anymore, plan for something to go wrong! You can bet your bottom dollar that no matter how much preplanning you do, there will always be something that goes a little bit sideways. On a Limitless Travel holiday, if this does happen, you do not have to worry about a thing. The Limitless Travel care team will be on each and every holiday to support you and to make sure that you have everything you need for a fantastic accessible and disabled friendly holiday.

We're always happy to offer help over the phone on 0800 711 7232. learn more about destinations such as Amsterdam, Blackpool, Crete and much more. 

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