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Travel Weekly

"Trade will miss ‘huge, commercial opportunity’ if it does not cater for clients with accessible needs"

Angus adds his opinion on the disability travel market and how this sector should be embraced by companies who should open up and cater for people with a disability.

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Start of another award winning year?

"Winners of the Institute of Directors Awards 2018 announced!"

Congratulations to Angus on winning the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the IoD - West Midlands Region Awards.

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London Live

"Limitless Travel helps people with disabilities find accessible accommodation in London"

Watch Limitless Travel's founder Angus Drummond being interviewed on London Live to talk about our recent support by the Nominet Trust and how we are revolutionising travel for people with disabilities.

The Independent

"Travel information for people with disabilities or mobility issues"

Limitless Travel is a new website with travel information for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Users can search for hotels or attractions based on their needs, for example, if they need wheelchair access or are hearing impaired. A disability advisor can also provide further information.

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Posability Magazine

"New disabled travel website creates limitless travel for all"

Limitless Travel has launched a new website to enable people with disabilities to travel the world like never before.

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Able Magazine

"Limitless Travel launches new website enabling people with disabilities to travel the world like never before."

Limitless Travel has launched a new website to enable people with disabilities to travel the world like never before. Angus Drummond, CEO and founder of Limitless Travel, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2012 and, as his mobility started to decline, he quit his job in investment banking to explore the world...

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Go Holiday Blog

Limitless Travel creates "Access for All"

MARCH this year saw the launch of Limitless Travel, an online platform that allows hotels and attractions to list their access amenities for #disabled guests, and visitors to rate facilities. Users with #disabilities and mobility problems –and their friends, families, and carers – can search for destinations across the world based on their specific access requirements, saving them both time and money...

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HUFFPOST United Kingdom

"Making the Inaccessible, Accessible: How Social Tech Is Changing Lives for the Better"

Each day at Nominet Trust, we have the privilege of working with some really talented folk who are turning their great ideas into reality. Often motivated by personal experience, these inspirational founders have embraced the potential of the internet and digital technology to tackle social challenges close to their hearts...

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Monarch Mobility

"Planning a Perfect Holiday for a Mobility Scooter User"

Limitless Travel features as a recommended travel agent in this article by Monarch Mobility, which provides a comprehensive guide to planning the perfect holiday for mobility scooter users.

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Food and Travel Magazine

Three cheers for a new website that promises to be a source of vital information - with tried and tested reviews - for travellers with mobility issues.


Disabled Travel Website Set to Launch in Birmingham

Website Limitless Travel is launching in Birmingham. After a successful launch in London the site is now extending its services into the UK’s second city, backed by a group of UoB students.

“When you visit a new city, what would you do if you had no idea how to find accessible transport, places to visit or places to eat? The site provides travel information on the accessibility of hotels, restaurants and attractions for tourists with disabilities or mobility issues. Users are able to search the area based on accessibility requirements...

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Daily Mail

"Calling all travel junkies with a disability"

The Huffington Post

"How the Incas Are Revolutionising Travel for People With Disabilities (Sort Of)"

What if you could travel back in time to 15th century Peru and ask an Inca what is meant by accessible travel? Besides becoming a human sacrifice you’d most probably get an incredibly confused look. But even though the Incas had no notion of accessible travel or disability rights, it is because of these revolutionary people that the barriers to travel faced by people with disabilities are finally being conquered...

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The Bimblers

"How to Find Accessible Holiday Accommodation"

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll no doubt have heard me banging on about accessible holiday accommodation. Anyone who travels with a disability knows, finding accommodation which matches your needs is often the hardest part of booking a holiday, but times they are a changing!...

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The Blue Badge Company

"How to Find Accessible Holiday Accommodation"

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