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    Professional Support & Expertise

    We are founded and run by people with disabilities, and provide the highest standards of care on our holidays.
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    Accessible Holidays

    All of our hotels, activities, and transport providers have been hand selected for excellence in disabled facilities.
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    Sense of Community

    Meet new, like-minded people and make life-long friends as you share unforgettable experiences together.
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    Accessible Accommodation

    Hand-picked hotels that have been tried and tested in disabled facilities.
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    Your holiday starts at your front door with our optional pickup and return service. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.
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    Payment Plans Available

    Need to spread the cost of your holiday? Ask one of our travel advisors about our payment plans.

Customer Favourites

Best of Tenerife

8 Days

Chill out on the accessible beach or fill your days with water sports – Tenerife has got a huge variety of activities for people with disabilities.


Beach Holidays, Holidays Abroad, Holidays in Europe, Customer Favourites, 2021 Holidays, 2022 Holidays


  • 12 Jul 2021 - 19 Jul 2021
  • 13 Aug 2021 - 20 Aug 2021
  • 3 Sep 2021 - 10 Sep 2021
  • 15 Oct 2021 - 22 Oct 2021
  • 10 Dec 2021 - 17 Dec 2021
  • 20 Feb 2022 - 27 Feb 2022
  • 25 Mar 2022 - 1 Apr 2022
  • 20 Aug 2022 - 27 Aug 2022
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Seaside Blackpool and The Lakes

5 Days

Seaside and nature lovers alike will enjoy this tour, which has wheelchair accessible excursions to Blackpool and Lake Windermere included.


Coach Holidays, 2021 Holidays, Beach Holidays, UK Holidays, Customer Favourites, 2022 Holidays


  • 21 Jun 2021 - 25 Jun 2021
  • 16 Aug 2021 - 20 Aug 2021
  • 28 Mar 2022 - 1 Apr 2022
  • 25 Apr 2022 - 29 Apr 2022
  • 9 May 2022 - 13 May 2022
  • 6 Jun 2022 - 10 Jun 2022
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Scotland Explorer

6 Days

History lovers and city explorers will love our Scotland Discovery tour. Visit Scotland's highlights including Loch Lomond, the Battle of Bannockburn, and Edinburgh.


Coach Holidays, New Releases, 2021 Holidays, UK Holidays, Customer Favourites


  • 21 Jun 2021 - 26 Jun 2021
  • 5 Jul 2021 - 10 Jul 2021
  • 26 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021
  • 27 Sep 2021 - 2 Oct 2021
  • 7 May 2022 - 12 May 2022
  • 27 Jun 2022 - 2 Jul 2022
  • 12 Sep 2022 - 17 Sep 2022
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Coach Holidays

Christmas in the Cotswolds

5 Days

Breathtaking scenes of natural beauty alongide festive fun for all the family.


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  • 4 Dec 2021 - 8 Dec 2021
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Festive Blackpool

5 Days

Join us on this festive tour of Blackpool which includes winter railway rides and a festive feast.


Coach Holidays, UK Holidays, 2021 Holidays


  • 13 Dec 2021 - 17 Dec 2021
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Scottish Highlands Experience

6 Days

Come and explore the serene scottish highlands with us. You will experience unbelievable scenery on an accessible cruise down the loch ness, and you never know you may spot Nessie! We will also visit the stunning Black Isles, and sample some whiskey at Glen Ord Distillery


Coach Holidays, New Releases, UK Holidays, 2022 Holidays


  • 13 Jun 2022 - 18 Jun 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Limitless Travel start?

Limitless Travel was set up by Angus Drummond with the goal to enable the wider disabled community to travel without limits. When Angus was 22 he was diagnosed with a muscle weakening disease called Muscular Dystrophy. Angus knew his mobility would decline so set off to travel the world. On his travels Angus made life-long memories, learnt about new cultures and improved his outlook on life, but at the same time experienced the difficulties of traveling with a disability. This spark of thought then flourished into the founding of Limitless Travel. Since then we have been proudly been providing supported holidays for people with a wide range of mobility restrictions and disabilities.

How do you guarantee that your tours are accessible?

We understand with first-hand experiences the difficulties of going on holiday with a disability. Too many times we hear how somewhere claims to be accessible, only to then be shocked by inaccessible obstacles like steps and steep inclines. With this in mind, we're proud to offer completely disabled friendly and accessible holidays. We have achieved this through a number of methods but most importantly is the fact that we pre-vet all of our destinations, transportation, hotels and excursions. Our experts visit all of our locations before we feature them to guarantee that they meet our very high standards.

What kind of care are you able to provide?

We are able to create bespoke care plans to suit your specific requirements by using our variety of care packages. Starting with our group support which is included on every tour, you can then choose to include as much or as little care as you require. Our care manager will help you select what package is right for you. Once you’re on tour your needs can then be met by one of our many qualified carers. We can offer a large range of support in our packages, whether that's someone to push your wheelchair, provide care throughout the night and much more. For more details on our care packages please visit our Care Page.

I haven’t travelled for a long time, will I be ok?

Of course - we’ve designed our accessible holidays so that anyone can enjoy them. Some of our travellers hadn’t been on holiday for over 10 years before they joined us on a Limitless tour. We enable people with disabilities to go on holiday by taking care of barriers like accessibility and creating disabled friendly holiday itineraries. We’ve also found that some people just need the extra security of knowing that they’ll receive the right level of support.
Whether you’re feeling apprehensive because you’re a solo traveller or haven't been on holiday in a while, we’re happy to help. Every tour is made up of a group and at least 60% of those who join us are solo travellers. This results in every tour having its own supportive and non-judgemental community with others who have experienced what it’s like to have a disability. One of our most frequent pieces of feedback is that the best part of the holiday was being part of a community and forming new friendships.

How do I know that all my requirements will be catered for?

Before booking a supported holiday you can have a chat with one of our trusted team members to discuss your requirements. You’ll get to ask any question and make the most of their experience to help choose a supported holiday that’s tailored to you. At every step of your journey we’ll be available to give you advice. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or haven’t been on holiday in years, we’ll make sure every question or requirement is catered for. We’ll make booking a tour easy so all you’ll have to worry about is deciding where you want to go next.

How do I book?

All you need to do is give us a call, or email, to speak to one of our experienced travel advisors. Our advisors have a wealth of knowledge in both booking accessible holidays and offering advice for those with disabilities. Whether you know exactly where you want to go next or just want to learn more about Limitless Travel, we’re happy to help. You can contact us on 0800 711 7147 or email us at info@limitlesstravel.org.