If you are considering booking a wheelchair accessible holiday in Devon England, there are many reasons to make this destination the top of your list this year. If you've never been to Devon and you'd like to go on an organised tour via a wheelchair accessible coach, here are some of the top reasons you should book today:

It is one of the top seaside adventures in England: Cornwall and Devon have long fought it out to be the top seaside area in the UK. The coves and villages throughout Devon can really help you to feel at ease and it is the perfect place to unwind on the British seaside.

We have wheelchair accessible transport: Onboard our wheelchair accessible coach, you can enjoy comfortable transportation throughout your tour.

The best restaurants: The food movement is widespread throughout Devon. If you are a big foodie, Devon has some incredible spots to stop and enjoy a comfortable meal, or even a cream tea!

Many hidden gems: traveling via wheelchair accessible coach can make sure that you can find all of the hidden gems in Devon. With sweeping views of the coastline as well as stops in some of the most fashionable towns, you can enjoy some beautiful areas of England that only locals may know about.

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