Expert and Quality Care

Limitless Travel are proud to be the only UK holiday provider to take fully qualified care staff on each and every holiday. We know first-hand the difficulties and anxieties that come with travelling with a disability; from managing luggage to navigating accessible routes through a new city.

We want to make sure that, while on holiday with us, you receive the right care for you. When you make a booking with Limitless Travel, we will ask you a series of questions so that we can fully understand your situation, answer any questions you might have about care, and to identify your exact needs and requirements.

We have several care options available, which have been designed to ensure that each individual who books with Limitless Travel receives the appropriate pre-holiday support, and the highest quality care while on holiday with us.

Please see below for more information about our care packages.

Group Support

Group Support is included in the cost of every Limitless Travel holiday. You will receive the support of the Limitless team in the run up to your holiday to answer any questions that you might have, to help with the arrangement of equipment hire and the organisation of transport from your home to your meeting point or departure airport.

While on holiday, your group support team will be happy to assist with carrying and loading your luggage onto the coach or at the airport check-in desk, accompanying you through airport check in and on your flight from our group departure airport, making sure your environment is as accessible as possible, fetching items and cutting up food, and providing emergency response care. For a full list of inclusions in our Group Support package, please refer to our care package inclusions table.

Personal Care

In addition to the services offered in our Group Support package, our Personal Care option includes hoisting, assistance showering and bathing, getting dressed, toileting, and feeding.

This option is ideal for those who receive care several times a day while at home. For a full list of inclusions in our Personal Care package, please refer to our care package inclusions table.

One to One Care

In addition to the service offered in our Group Support and Extra Care packages, our One to One Care package is an entirely specialised care plan that is design to meet your exact needs and requirements. Our One to One Care package includes a personal consultation in which one of the Limitless Travel staff will go through your daily care routine with you and adapt it to suit your extra needs while on holiday.

We offer three tiers of one to one care support based on the hours of night care required and the level of care required during transfers. Please see below for details:

  1. One to One Standard – no night care is included in the cost, carer not present during transfers from home to departure airport or meeting point
  2. One to One Higher – Up to 2 hour of night care per night, carer not present during transfers from home to departure airport or meeting point
  3. One to One Premium – Night care as and when required, carer can accompany you from your home in an accessible transfer vehicle on the outward and return journeys

One to one care packages include (but are not limited to) care assistance during the night according to the above, meet and greet services at your door (Premium only), and departure from your preferred airport. For a full list of inclusions in our Standard One to One care package, please refer to our care package inclusions table. Differences between the Standard, Higher and Premium one to one care packages are listed above.

Care Package Inclusions

Please see below for exactly what care is provided in each of our care packages:

Care TypeGroup SupportPersonal CareStandard One to OneHigher One to OnePremium One to One
Before your holiday
Telephone support from the Limitless Travel office team
Assistance booking care equipment, transfer to the meeting point and flights
Care needs assessed via questionnaire
Care needs confirmed via telephone call with qualified carer
Personalised care plan according to your needs and requirements
At the airport
Be accompanied from your door to the airport by a qualified carer
Manual wheelchair pushed by a carer
Meet and greet at your preferred airport
Meet and greet at group departure airport
Assistance with luggage handling
Assistance through airport check-in and security
Toileting assistance in the airport prior to boarding the aircraft
Assistance boarding the aircraft via aircraft aisle wheelchair
Assistance on board the aircraft accessing food/duty free
Assistance disembarking the aircraft via the aircraft aisle wheelchair
Assistance at arrival airport’s border control and baggage collection
Assistance to the transfer vehicle
Assistance boarding the transfer vehicle and loading luggage into the hold
On the coach
Be accompanied from your door to the meeting point by a qualified carer
Manual wheelchair pushed by a carer
Clamped securely into place on the coach by a carer
Assistance loading luggage into the coach hold space
Assistance at comfort breaks to access food and drink
Assistance toileting at comfort breaks
Assistance to access belongings on board with you on the coach
In Resort (where applicable)
Manual wheelchair to be pushed by the carer as required
Assistance disembarking the transfer vehicle and unloading luggage
Assistance taking luggage to traveller’s room and placing case in an accessible area
Assistance unpacking at the traveller’s request
Assistance making the room as accessible for the client as possible
Assistance getting breakfast and evening meals
Assistance with cutting up food
Assistance with feeding
Assistance getting drinks and snacks from the bar
Point of contact between the resort, its facilities, and the traveller when tour manager is unavailable
Assistance communicating extra care/mobility needs to the hotel, mobility equipment provider, hotel care services or tour manager if required
Up to 2 hours of night care per night
Night care response as and when required
Care assistance with getting out of and into bed (can be hoisted)
Care assistance with showering/bathing/washing/brushing teeth/dressing morning and night
Care assistance with toileting throughout the day while in resort
Care assistance with being hoisted into the pool
Care assistance in the swimming pool on the resort
Excursions and Activities
Can be accompanied on excursions outside of main itinerary*
Manual wheelchair to be pushed by the carer
Assistance making the excursion locations accessible eg. Moving tables/chairs out of the way of wheelchairs
Assistance getting food/drinks from restaurants and bars
Assistance with cutting up food
Assistance with feeding (peg feeding available on request at the time of booking)
Assistance with embarking/disembarking the excursion vehicle if applicable
Care assistance with toileting throughout the day
Care assistance relating to the requirements of the excursion or activity eg. Assistance using the beach wheelchair

*Must be agreed and signed off by the Care Manager

We recommend talking to a specialist Limitless Travel advisor about your care needs prior to your booking.

Care By-the-Hour

For travellers who may not need the full extent of support provided in our One to One or Extra Care packages, it is possible in most of our destinations to purchase care by the hour. We are happy to organise by-the-hour care for you, or alternatively you can contact them directly. Please see below for information about our care partners and a price guide:

Tenerife Sea & Sun – Lero

Contact number
(+34) 922 750 289
Cost per hour

Blackpool and the Lakes – Safehands

Contact Number
0333 999 8888
Cost per hour

North Wales Explorer – Safehands

Contact Number
0333 999 8888
Cost per hour

Barcelona City Break – MICs San Jordi

Contact Number
(+34) 93 252 32 00
Cost per hour

Escape to Sicily – Kikki Village

Contact Number
(+39) 0932 763614
Cost per hour
on request

Belgium Christmas Markets – Drie Eikenstraat

Contact Number
+32 (0) 3 821 12 11
Cost per hour
on request

Pricing & Funding

Please call the Limitless Travel team on 0800 069 8060, or email us at for care package pricing.

Limitless Travel are committed to providing the highest quality of care while you are on holiday with us, and we understand that funding a holiday can sometimes be difficult. See below for information on how you can find help to access any additional funds that you might need to enjoy your holiday with us.

External Funding

These charities may be able to assist with funding your holiday:

The Cavendish Spenser Trust

The Cavendish Spenser Trust is a charity dedicated to providing funding towards holidays and respite breaks for adults with severe physical disabilities as a result of neurological or neuromuscular conditions.

The Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

The FLAIST provides grants to people who are ill, convalescent, or disabled, towards respite breaks.

The Victoria Convalescent Trust

The VCT provides grants to people living in England and Wales to cover the costs of short breaks for the purpose of convalescence, recuperative, and respite care for people in need. Applications need to be made by a qualified health or social care professional.

The Act Foundation

ACT provides grant to people living in the UK who have a physical or mental disability, or people who are elderly, to enhance their quality of life.

Guides and Resources

Carers UK has a great Financial Help section on their website with a range of downloadable guides.

FundingCaring provides advice and information on the financial help available to assist with the costs of caring.

Tourism for All have a guide to obtaining financial help. This is available at a charge on their website.

Turn2Us helps people find and access appropriate sources of financial support available to them.

If you are paying for your holiday, Limitless Travel can organise a pay by instalment plan which means you can spread the cost of your holiday across a period of several months.

If you would like any more information about any of the charities mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 069 8060.