Conquering the Sky with Limitless

By Niamh Duffy -

With insurance, medical equipment, transferring onto a seat and going to the toilet to think about here at Limitless we understand travelling on a plane with a disability can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our #LimitlessAmbassador Martyn Sibley has travelled across the world, including over 9000 miles to Australia. Who better to give some top tips to conquering air travel than the master himself?

1. Don’t fear!

People fly with wheelchairs every single day. Just as Martyn says “You could fly 100 times and it would potentially get broken 0.5 times!” This world is a beautiful place and no one should miss out on seeing it. Baggage handlers are trained to lift and manoeuvre heavy, oversized baggage so they will work out a way to get it on board as safely and carefully as possible.



2. Get insurance!

In the unfortunate event that a wheelchair or equipment does get damaged insurance should cover the costs. Wheelchairs are expensive pieces of kit and to many people are the key to their independence, so just like you would insure your car.. insure your chair! Insurance can be the key to putting your mind at ease.



3. Phone up the airline before you travel!

As with all travel with a disability, planning is key. Give the airline you are flying with a call beforehand to discuss the dimensions etc as this means they can check if the wheelchair is able to fit into the hold. Airlines are able to not allow you to bring your wheelchair with you if don’t let them know beforehand. Make sure you ask them any questions you have, whether that is about assistance within the airport, transferring or luggage.



4. Take your own equipment!

Just like Martyn having your own equipment you are used to can make your holiday even more stress-free. Airlines will allow you to check in equipment, just call the special assistance department to let them know dimensions etc and they will do all they can to help you out. They will take it free of charge, however sometimes may require a doctor’s note.


5. Enjoy yourself!

Holidays are all about having a good time, whether you’re on the adventure of a lifetime or having a break away to relax and unwind. This is why Limitless Travel aims to reduce the stress, worry and hassle for disabled people and their families/friends to ensure that everyone gets the holiday they deserve. 


If you fancy a break away, contact Limitless by calling 0800 612 2605 or enquiring online on >>

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