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By Martyn Sibley -

It's been a busy time here at Limitless Travel and we are so excited to announce our first #LimitlessAmbassador Martyn Sibley!

Martyn is a wonderful advocate for all things disability and travel and was recently awarded Britain's third most influential disabled person in the 'Power 100' list and as you may have seen in our post a few weeks ago he has been here, there and everywhere - truly Limitless!
1. Before we get into travel paradise, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?
Having gained a masters degree in marketing at Coventry uni, worked in London, and lived abroad - I work for myself back in Cambridge where I grew up. I've been self employed for 6 years now, and every week is different. 
I tend to say I'm a blogger, author, entrepreneur and adventure traveller. 
Having used a wheelchair, 24/7 care support, and other assistive technology my whole life - there's always a good story to tell. Each project I run aims to encourage and support disabled people to live their dreams. 
I'm a dreamy optimist for sure :-)
2. What 3 words would you use to describe travel and what it means to you?
Adventurous. Improvement. Inspiring.
3. What is your favourite bar/restaurant?
I'm addicted to Nandos. I love chicken and I love spice and everyone loves a free refill for drinks. Definitely give me Nandos or a curry all week long.
4. Where did you eat your fave sandwich?
I remember finally arriving in Spain on a 2 month European Commission funded placement. It wasn’t easy to get there, believe me! The ocean was on my left, a beer on my right, and this delicious sandwich in front of me.
Granted I'd probably had similar sandwiches in the UK. However after the months of research, applying to the project, planning, and dreaming of living abroad gave that sandwich so much more significance. Still gives me goose bumps.
5. Where have you been that genuinely took your breath away?
Three places come to mind. Two literally took my breath away from a weather perspective. The other did in an emotional way.
The first was Singapore on my way to Australia. My 2 carers and I got off the plane and this 35+ degrees humidity slapped us around the face. I like heat a lot. This was such a wet heat that was nothing like I'd ever experienced before. 
The second was on the other end of the heat spectrum. On a blogging trip to Helsinki in January I was offered the chance to go Husky Dog Sledding. It sounded magical and amazing. Nobody warned me that Finland would be quite so cold! It was -32 degrees. A very breathtaking experience. 
Lastly in Australia I went on a trek in my wheelchair by the Gold Coast. My PA and I saw a sign saying 'wheelchairs and buggies no further'. So obviously we carried on! It was really bumpy, but we cracked on. Later we saw koala bears, tropical plants, and dolphins swimming beside us. Other trekkers were more chatty due to our rebel nature. Respect!
6. What one piece of advice would you give for accessible travellers?
It's a bit boring and practical. However planning is everything. You need everything triple checked. From the departure airport parking, flights, transfers, equipment hire, accommodation and attractions. Always plan for all eventualities. 
7. What's your funniest travel moment?
Probably the time I went up a Spanish mountain in a hippy van powered by vegetable oil. There was an activist commune high up the Asturian mountains. With no public transport available there, I had to be lifted into the passenger seat. My 130kg wheelchair was packed in the boot. It was adventurous but so worth it. We laughed all the way up and down at how different this experience was.
8. Where have you visited that you could see yourself living?
Definitely Spain! I can speak the language reasonably well after lots of alcohol. The sunshine and temperatures suit my disability better. The people are so open and like to party. There's less cultural divides between demographics like socio-economic and age. Family is so important in Spain too. So if I ever moved there I'd need to bring my lovely family with me.
9. Where do you hope to visit in five years time?
I've covered a lot of the 'developed' world. So I'm gearing up for a bigger challenge. I've always wanted to visit India. Particularly as I've been practising mindfulness lately. However it's far more difficult there for accessibility. I will nail this in 5 years though for sure!
10. Would you rather go into space or explore the depths of the ocean?
I'm always looking up and forwards. For me the ocean is a little scary. Full of weird creatures. Naturally space may be full of aliens, but I like the idea of seeing new frontiers. So I am well for space exploration. 
One small wheel revolution for man. One giant flying wheelchair for mankind :-)

You can find out more about Martyn on his blog http://www.martynsibley.com/  or follow him on Twitter or Facebook

This is a very exciting annoucement and we are very pleased to welcome Martyn to Limitless! #LimitlessLove


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