About Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool opened in 2011 in order to tell the story of the city and its inhabitants. Covering a wide range of subjects, including archaeology, costumes, social histories and botany, it aims to offer an insight into what made Liverpool such an important city, both nationally and internationally. It is divided into 4 main sections, each with a separate theme. The Great Port examines the growth, expansion and importance of the port and docks to Liverpool's history.


The Global City explores the city's international influence during the days of the British Empire and onwards. The People's Republic discusses what it is and means to be a Liverpudlian, and Wondrous Place celebrates the great cultural and artistic talents of the city. With a number of additional smaller galleries, there is a great deal to do and learn at the Museum.



Site Access

  • It is wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair hire is available.
  • Wheelchair accessible baby changing facilities
  • There are some accessible toilets
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • There are descriptive tours
  • Some staff are trained in British Sign Language
  • Large print material is available
  • There is Braille material
  • There is pushchair accessibility


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