About Royal Exchange Theatre

Housed in the former Cotton Exchange in the city centre, the Royal Exchange is one of the most exciting and inspiring theatres in the country. As the largest 'theatre in the round' in the country, it offers a completely different experience to more traditional venues and can seat an audience of up to 700 each performance.


Its 360º seating and stage module provides a surprisingly intimate setting for the impressive range of productions on offer throughout the year, while its smaller, 90 seat 'Studio' theatre allows the Royal Exchange to offer lesser known and more experimental productions to equally appreciative audiences. 


Site Access

  • It is wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair hire is available.
  • There are some accessible toilets
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • There is subtitled media
  • Some staff are trained in British Sign Language
  • Large print material is available
  • There is Braille material
  • There is pushchair accessibility
  • Carers go for discounted prices
  • There are concessionary prices


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