About Riverside Museum

The Riverside is very much a new addition to Glasgow's long list of excellent existing museums and galleries. Opened in 2011, it explores Glasgow's history and the lives of its inhabitants through the medium of transport. With exhibitions that include cars, locomotives, prams, skateboards and boats, it examines the vital role technological innovation of transport has played in the city's past and provides insight into the importance of transport in the development of all aspects of urban life.


Located on the north bank of the River Clyde, the Museum was built on the former site of the A. & J. Inglis Shipyard and has attracted roughly 740,000 visitors a year since its opening. In 2013, it won the European Museum of the Year Award, bringing the Museum to the attention of a much larger segment of the general public.


Site Access

  • It is wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair hire is available.
  • There are some accessible toilets
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • There are described guides
  • There are descriptive tours
  • There is subtitled media
  • Induction loops are partially used
  • Some staff are trained in British Sign Language
  • There is pushchair accessibility


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