About Tower of London

The Tower of London was founded in the latter part of 1066, though its iconic tower was built later in 1078. It has played an important role in the history of the capital, with many famous faces, fallen monarchs and enemies of the state being interned within its walls. For this reason, the Tower has developed a history that verges on the mythological and its tales of ghosts, betrayal, power and politics have captured many imaginations.


However, for much of its existence the Tower was not used as a prison and was instead home to an armoury, treasury, the Royal Mint, the Crown Jewels and occasionally the Royal Family. The fortification was often vital to controlling the country, has been besieged a number of times and ransacked a few. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, attracting nearly 2.5 million visitors each year, with people flocking to see the Crown Jewels, famous Beefeaters and to experience the Tower's bloody history.


Site Access

  • Attraction is only partially wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair hire is available.
  • Scooter hire is not available
  • Walking frame hire not available
  • All toilets are accessible
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • There are described guides
  • There are descriptive tours
  • Induction loops are used throughout
  • Some staff are trained in British Sign Language
  • Large print material is available
  • There is pushchair accessibility
  • Carers go free
  • There are not concessionary prices




Too difficult for most wheelchair users

by Grzeskow Jaszczyszyn

Unfortunately, the Tower is pretty difficult to get around in a wheelchair and you miss out on a lot of the attraction.


Not very accessible

by Francisco Javier

The Tower of London have done a lot to enable visits from those with disabilities but it is still very difficult to get around. A lot of the time you are in small spaces and there are lots of stairs to climb.

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