About Buckingham Palace

As the official London residence of the British Monarchy, Buckingham Palace is one of the biggest and most visited attractions in the UK. A central feature in many national events, it has seen Kings and Queens come and go and been a focus at times of historical and national importance. Crowds have often gathered at its gates to celebrate the birth of new members of the Royal Family, to mourn the passing of important figures and to show solidarity during difficult times.


Today, the Palace is open for tours, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur and beauty of the building, as well as a variety of exhibitions that include the Palace's art collection, memorabilia and the story of the Royal Family.


Site Access

  • It is wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair hire is available.
  • Scooter hire is not available
  • Walking frame hire available
  • Assistance dogs are welcome
  • There are described guides
  • There are descriptive tours
  • Induction loops are used throughout
  • Large print material is available
  • There is pushchair accessibility




Great day out if you are organised.

by Megan Humphreys

The whole family had a great day out at Buckingham Palace. I would definitely recommend letting the staff know if you have any concerns, they'll really go out of their way to make your trip as smooth as possible.


Will be paying a visit soon...


Thanks Limitless, I'll definitely be paying a visit soon. It sounds like Buckingham Palace have made made getting around really simple!

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