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Limitless Travel was founded by Angus Drummond, who has always been a passionate traveller. Shortly after being diagnosed, Angus left his job in investment banking and set out to explore the world. Upon his travels, Angus discovered there was almost no information available for disabled travellers and experienced first-hand the problems that people with disabilities have when visiting a new place. Amazed by this oversight of people with disabilities by the hotel and travel industries, Angus decided to do something positive about it and so Limitless Travel was born.

“When you go on holiday, what would you do if you couldn’t climb the stairs or get in the shower? What would you do if you couldn’t read the menu? These are just some of the issues facing those with disabilities when travelling that Limitless Travel is working to solve,” says Angus Drummond, CEO and founder of Limitless Travel. “For many hotels and travel companies, accessibility is just about getting people through the door. For Limitless Travel it is much, much more than that. We work with businesses to increase their understanding and make their premises more disabled-friendly. If they pass our test we add them to our destinations and begin to send holiday goers there, as we know their needs will be met”.

Because the possibilities are Limitless

Because the possibilities are Limitless

Why Limitless?

Limitless Travel provides amazing holidays, tours, accommodation and travel for anybody. For anybody with any disability, reduced mobility, or anybody that just wants a really great holiday.

  1. 1 We will talk to you in detail to understand your needs and create your ideal holiday based around them
  2. 2 We research and visit hotels, destinations and attractions and match them to your requirements
  3. 3 Our team of trusted travel advisors are here to support your needs throughout your journey

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